It's All For Love

by Ella Jane

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Ella Jane is the collaboration of two friends who met at a missionary/art training school in Germany. Caleb Schmidt from Bangladesh and Laura Hall from Australia, first performed together in Hamburg, Germany at a 2-day justice conference. The first song they performed, 'Her Song', is about women and girls who are forced into sexual exploitation. The sound technician was deeply moved by the heart behind the song and offered to record their first full length album for free. This is part of the story of how 'It's All For Love' was formed.

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released March 19, 2012

Sponsor: Henryk Hauptmann
Producer: Tobias Wagner
Photographer: Chad Strobach, Erwin Van Oosterom
Graphic Designer: Matt McCaigue
Art Designer: Stephen Sou
Manager: Derek Hall
Vocals: Laura Hall, Caleb Schmidt, Amber Dunnavant
Acoustic Guitar: Caleb Schmidt
Electric Guitar: Erwin Van Oosterom
Bass Guitar: Caleb Schmidt



all rights reserved


Ella Jane Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: It's All For Love
Why should I love another man,
When there’s nothing I gain?
I remember what my mama said –
Its more than you,
What comes from you
Will change the view of others

Because its all for Love,
True joy I’ve found
Is when I know the cause
Its all for Love

We all have this innate compulsion
Inside of us
Hold the broken hearted
And share the love around
We know that good comes from good
We know that good is when…

And when the world
Looks worse than we thought
When hopelessness creeps in
We hold on firm, to the joy
That’s found in love!
Track Name: Let It Be
One moment in time
Forever changed the time to come
And I will never be the same and although there’s pain the joy will be our strength

So let it be, you and me
Let it be, you and me
Because I know although our sun won’t shine the same each day by God, each morning it will rise

The oceans may part, two hearts that burn with fire from within
And our love will not falter no,
Know the one above, will hold us in his hands
Track Name: Her Song
She was born into a world that never gave her a chance, those childish carefree ways she’ll never know
And she has a heart so pure but its stained by man, she can only do as she’s told

So this is her song
Although its hardly enough
A song for her freedom
and a life with love
this voice is her song
its of loss and hurt and pain
I pray for her freedom, I pray that she’s restored again

And how many roads, do you think she’s walked alone? And how many times has she just given up?
She doesn’t know the brightness of day, she only knows the pain when they don’t get their way

And she only knows the touch of human imperfection
She’s silenced by the powers that be, yet they show no power at all
Will she ever know life?
Will she ever know love?

He says my baby, my darling darling darling child
I made you, and I gave you that smile you hardly know.
And my heart is aching, and I long to save you from this world.
Know that I died for him.
Know that I died for you.
Track Name: Tower of Babel
Something so simple
Is now so complicated
I said one thing you heard another
And my tower came crumbling down

And I feel lost, I feel lost in Tower of Babel
I’m feeling lost, lost in the Tower of Babel

I thought we saw eye to eye
But my heart was mistranslated
And it seems its for the cause that we don’t build on our own strength but
It don’t stop my frustration

Apathy takes over me
Seems deeds only breakdown
But if you could see my heart
We might not be so bound.
Track Name: Nighttime Reverie
So many dreams consume my mind
some seen by day, some only found in the limitless night
but I won’t let go, I’ll hold onto hope
that a new door might show daylight on my night-time reverie

Its just another day, in this place
I don’t know where I’m going

But I know where I’ve come from
So I’ll wait on you

And I will smile at the day to come
For each is yours, your gift to me
That I give to you
I can only see so far so I will roam, with you I will roam

Hold me close
When the remedies seem impossible
Hold me close
When my part seems so irrelevant
Hold me close
Track Name: Factory of Misery
The lost could be saved tomorrow
If the strong were willing to lose what they have made
And we are the makers, and we are takers, and ultimately the creators

And if only we could see,
We’re given to, to give away
But we’re blinded by our own comfort

And we think its our right, to hold on tight, to the comfortable things
We deny it’s a privilege and refuse to let go.
We are a factory of misery

And we are only the few, but we think we are the most.
And we are an assembly line for broken lives, but we have the power to

We are the arms and hands of oppression, our feet rest passively on the ground, we are the mouths and ears of the deaf and mute but we made this choice to be bound
Track Name: Simegn's Song
Hold your head up high
Be proud you’ve come so far.

And I can see, he’s held your heart
In the palm of his hand
And its so beautiful to see

You’re so much bigger than you know
And those two small hands
And that one huge heart
Has changed our world

So then here’s my prayer
That you would know your maker
And know what’s in store ahead
That you would know your beauty
And know that you can change this world, ‘cos you changed mine
You changed mine, you changed mine

And I can see he’ll hold your heart
In the palm of his hand
And it will be so beautiful
Track Name: Old Rugged Cross
On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross, the emblem of suff'ring and shame; and I love that old cross, where the dearest and best
For a world of lost sinners was slain.

So I'll cherish the old rugged cross.
Till my trophies at last I lay down;
I will cling to the old rugged cross,
And exchange it some day for a crown.

In the old rugged cross, stained with blood so divine, a wondrous beauty I see. It was on that old cross Jesus suffered and died to pardon and sanctify me.

To the old rugged cross, I will ever be true, its shame and reproach gladly bear,then He'll call on some day to my home far away,where His glory forever I'll share.
Track Name: Good and Faithful One
How can I tell you, you are beautiful?
How can I convince you of who you are?
And though sometimes you cannot see,
I see.

You were faithful, and you are today
And you loved me so my fire would be refined
And through all you’ve done he is so proud
Good and faithful one

I know you would take all my hard days…. If you could
And I know you take the burdens of those you love, servant and friend.

And if in my time I reflect only a part of your heart, your grace, your beauty, I will have done well
Track Name: Fall
You walk by me but you, you don’t see me baby, you’re so fine boy! You’re so fine.
I try to catch your eye, I hope to be the one that you will call on, the one who’s name makes you…

Fall. I ‘m so in love with you!
Your name makes me fall.

You talk to me and you, you make me see that you’re, you’re so fine boy! You’re so fine.
My heart it skips a beat whenever you’re near me. I can’t ignore it, your smile and love make me…

Day dreams fill my head as I walk an extra mile, just to see your smile.
And you can ask anything, cause your name makes me fall.